How to apply your Grabbers perfectly

by Sadiah Wilkes-Crawford on June 02, 2020

Here are my great tips when putting on your custom Grabbers.

Step 1: Start with room temperature hands

I know this sound really weird, but it helps in the long run.When your hands are too cold or too warm, the press-on nails may start peeling off too soon.

Step 2: Squeaky  Clean nails

Remove all traces of old nail polish, along with every speck of oil, grease, hand cream and dust before applying the press on Grabbers. If there is till moisture on your nails the Grabbers will start to come off quicker. So, wipe down your nails with a nail polish remover before starting. You can also use alcohol pads, acetone, or nail dehydrator.

Step 3: Attack those Cuticles.

Push you cuticles back (with the orange wood stick provided in your kit) so the Grabbers don't stick to your cuticles instead of your nails.Buff out any ridges and buff out all the shine on your nail plate.

Step 4: Size it 

Size is important – anything that’s too big or too small won't look flawless. Select the best sized nail by placing the artificial nail over your actual nail, with the curved end up to the cuticle. Ensure that the sides do not overlap onto the skin – you can trim them if necessary but do not touch the length at this time.

Step 5: Don't forget the glue 

Our Grabbers come with their own tube of glue. For best results dab a small amount of glue at the tip of your own nail and another small dab near the the base of the artificial nail.Press artificial nails on to natural nail with immense amount of pressure to assure there are no bubbles.



BAMMMMM- You have a new set of nails. Now go and flaunt them around the town. if amy one ask you where you got your nails done, tell them "ohhhh these are press ons from" 




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